JavaScript app used in conjunction with 'git size'

See a pre-prepared example: Some Java+Maven projects in a directory hierarchy

All the data is loaded in through the URL. Specifically the base64 string to the right of the hash (#). The data within that hash parameter never leaves the browser. While the browser may requests the pages from the web server (e.g. total.html)

Making your own

Make sure you have installed 'git size', first. Instructions here.

git size --sunburst --recursive

If that is too much for your terminal, try this:

git size --sunburst-html --recursive > foo.html

In that html file is a link you can click on to get to this JavaScript app with the right parameter.

Code for this on-line service

This JavaScript app is forked from, which has code in a gist

The gh-pages source is available at this Github repo, and is Apache licensed.